In recent years, there has been an increased focus on the need for evidence-based public policy and programming. This means that public and private funding decisions and fulfillment of those grants require program evaluation and policy analysis. Janus Analytics is capable and well-positioned to aid you and your organization in appropriate research, data collection, and evaluation. Ultimately, the goal is to create as much certainty as possible around resource allocation which can only be accomplished through rigorously gathered evidence. Janus Analytics can help you plan, execute, and analyze the vital information. We offer a variety of services based on your needs.

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Data Collection and Management

If you have questions regarding program feasibility, concept measurement, and data collection, Janus Analytics can help you decide on the best course of action.

Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis​

​If you have questions concerning programing and policy issues, Janus Analytics can help you understand root causes, possible alternatives, and effective solutions.

Specialized Research Projects​

If you have questions about information and how your organization can add evidence-based value, Janus Analytics is ready and willing to guide you from start to finish.

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