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Our process begins by meeting with clients to gain a full understanding of their needs. This ensures that they have a complete understanding of the range of services we provide. Janus Analytics prides itself on client-centered service from start to finish.


Following the initial meeting, our team will prepare a comprehensive plan that addresses the clients research, data, and/or evaluation needs. The plan will outline the desired methodology, the justification for those methodological choices, an estimated timeline, and a projected budget.


Once we have an approved design, our team will collect the necessary data and analyze it using a variety of sophisticated analytical tools.  Janus Analytics strongly believes in the importance of using a mixed-methods approach in order to present the most complete results possible.


Upon completion of the analysis, Janus Analytics will prepare a final report of the highest quality. It will include background and context of the project, a description of the data collected, analysis of the data, and our recommendations. Electronic and hardcopy versions of the report will be available to our clients.


Janus Analytics is committed to using cutting-edge tools to deliver results in an accessible way. Contact us to discuss how we can help you find innovative solutions to complex issues.

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